Canada Student Visa

There are constant changes to visa requirements pertaining to any country, which is generally to keep up with that country’s immigration policies based on their political environment, economic requirements and social considerations.

It is the prerogative of the visa issuing office to ensure that every application adheres strictly to the formulated instructions if it is to approve and issue the relevant visa and if the parameters set are not met, rejecting such visas would be what they would do under the circumstances.

Globalization has opened up the world in every sphere and there is more interaction between the peoples of the world and travelling between countries has become the norm and whilst it is so the pressure on visa issuing offices have also increased.

This new phenomenon and the numerous incidents of false and spurious visa applications being submitted around the world and not only limited to Canadian Immigration, have necessitated the tightening of screws universally, which is understandable.

Hence strict adherence to the rules and regulations pertaining to issuing a Canada Student Visa by Canadian Immigration would be imperative and the need for the applicant to show sufficient bona fide cause to issue the visa contrary to rejecting it, would make his or her day.

No exceptions to the rule

There cannot be any exceptions in such a situation as the relevant guidelines and rules would supersede any other considerations hence strictly falling in line with the requirements would be imperative by every applicant.

Canada too has similar issues and more, hence immigration policies constantly change and if you are planning to enter anyone of the many universities in the country to pursue higher education, it would be prudent on your part to ensure that you are apprised of all the requirements, prior to submitting your Canada Student Visa application.

If your Canada Student Visa application is rejected for want of any information or for failing to fulfill all the required guidelines, you may have to forego your application fee and resubmit another new application which would still not have any guarantee that it would be accepted without a hitch.

Help to submit a Student Visa application

There is no such foregone requirement or conclusion that you need a third party to prepare and submit your application but if you decide to retain the services of such a intermediary, the chances are that your application process would be more streamlined and hassle free.

There are 130,000 foreign students being enrolled in most or all of the recognized universities in Canada and in comparison thousands more who apply and a substantial quantum of them are rejected by Canadian Immigration for various reasons.

If you are a prospective candidate aspiring to enroll in any of the Canadian universities it would be disheartening if your application for a Canada Student Visa is rejected for some frivolous reason which no one could be blamed other than you.

You should also understand that there are many unscrupulous individuals who masquerade as bona fide students and try to use the loopholes in the Canadian Immigration system if there are any and try to slip through the net.

Hence the onus lies entirely on the shoulders of the Canada Student Visa issuing office to filter the bona fide applications from the spurious one and that is a very tall order.

Hence it becomes more pertinent that your Canada Student Visa application should be convincing at face value and the visa office should be swayed by its authenticity to issue you with that visa without any doubt n their minds.

Retaining a Canadian Immigration Consultant

There are many very important criteria that you would need to consider prior to walking through the doors of a third party’s office, who you would be considering to handle your Canada Student Visa application, are listed below to help you through the process.

  • Licensed with the relevant statutory authorities.
  • Authorized to handle Canada Student Visa applications of aspiring candidates.
  • Experienced in handling Canada Student Visa applications.
  • Are they registered as a company in Canada.
  • Have they a registered representative office.
  • Their rate of success in procuring Canada Student Visas for their clients.
  • Covered for any eventuality with Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Are they able to communicate with you effectively.

Responsibilities of a Canadian Immigration Consultant

It is not only limited to filling the Canada Student Visa application form and submitting it that the Canadian Immigration Consultant would do for you they would do much more for you.

They would need to discuss all that they would be liable to declare and disclose on your Canada Student Visa application form in detail with you prior to submitting it to Canadian Immigration.

They would have the experience to know exactly what should be disclosed and declared because the guidelines on how to submit an application may not delve deeply into the issue and the Canada Student Visa applicant would be expected to provide optimum information as possible.

There is also another important factor that would be need to be taken into consideration and that would be the fact that when a Canada Student Visa application or for that matter any type of visa application is submitted through a licensed and registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, the visa office would look at it with a more sublime eye.

Follow up till final determination

Once the Canada Student Visa application for you is submitted your appointed Canadian Immigration Consultant would follow it up on your behalf as you would have provided them with the required authorization.

They would be able to tell you the status of your Canada Student Visa application which should keep you apprised as to where you would stand and then continues to make other plans for your impending shift to Canada.

This is where licensed and registered Canadian Immigration Consultants would stand apart compared to those “fly by night” individuals who could take you up the garden path and leave you stranded midway.

Top Notch Immigration Solutions Incorporated stand out tall among the rest as one of the most qualified and experienced partners that you could rely on, to ensure you obtain your Canada Student Visa and make that long awaited move to Canada the land of your dreams.

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