Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Migrating to another country from where you were born and bred, schooled and worked is an option many are looking into especially with the intention of elevating their standard of living, enjoying better working conditions, procuring higher wages and a brighter future for the kids.

If one is to select such a country there are many choices of which, there are the ones perennially selected to migrate but with those countries having problems of their own, one country that is attracting many immigrants over the last few decades is Canada.

Canada is a very large country and is rich in resources and with a comparatively small population and with ample and more opportunities available the government of Canada too want more people to come and help them develop this vast country.

Whatever technology we may develop human resources is a very important component and without people no country could develop on technology alone.

Along with the development of technology a major component to develop any country the human resources factor need to be taken in serious consideration.

Canada has identified this issue and as a government policy encourages immigrants from all over the world without any discrimination but with certain criteria to be fulfilled in accordance with what Canada wants.

Different types of immigration possibilities

The Canadian government after looking at their requirements has formulated many types of immigration possibilities which are offered to prospective candidates who would possess the required qualifications, skills, disciplines and experience to come over and immediately assimilate into the country’s social and economic fabric.

Some of which that are available at the moment which could change with time and as per the Canadian governments requirements are listed below.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Express Entry FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) Category

There are others too which the Canadian government would open to take in skilled workers as per the rising requirements of the specific time hence keeping a watch on the Canadian Immigration website would be advisable.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is a fast track immigration process where those with specific skills required by the particular province n question could bring immigrants in to fulfill their economic and social needs.

How it Works

Under this program the responsibility is bestowed on each province under the jurisdiction of the Canadian government to open their doors to such immigrants who would fulfill the requirements of the respective provinces.

Immigrants would need to work and live in that province and are nominated by the province on the strength of which the Federal government would issue the necessary visas to migrate from their country of domicile.
All the Canadian provinces are encompassed into the Canada Provincial Nominee Program other than Quebec which has their own independent systems of immigration.

The provinces in the Canada Provincial Nominee Program initiate and sign agreements with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which permit the individual provinces to select and them nominate those immigrants that they would select to work and live within the jurisdiction of their respective provinces.
Each province has the ability, flexibility and independence to draw up their own required criteria on how they would select the immigrants that they would need.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program has been very successful as it allows each province to identify their specific requirements for human resources based on their specific requirements and to tailor make their nominations.

This has worked on a three pronged initiate action and its success has been due to the immigrant who has been identified with the required skills moving fast into his or her career without any reason to be looking for a job.

On the economic sector the employer could easily recruit an employee in the skills that they are looking out for without gazing at the horizon as to when they could complete their cadre.
On the third front the Provinces do not have to be responsible for the immigrant until he or she settles down as they have ready mad job openings that could get them employee as soon as they arrive.

Affiliating the CPNP with the Express Entry FSW category

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is affiliated into the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker category enabling provinces to nominate immigrants whom they would want to come over to their respective provinces.
Those immigrants who are armed with such nominations are immediately awarded extra points on the strength of their nomination from a province allowing them an easier immigration passage over other prospective immigrants.

This very comprehensive and enlightening immigration system has give the provinces to cut the possible red tape and prop up their economies and social fabric faster than relying on the slow and lethargic bureaucracy that is generally prevalent in most government departments all over the world and not only in Canada.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program has done immense good for the Canadian provinces and has also taken the onus and responsibilities of the Federal government trying to balance the total economic and social fabric of this vast country.

This is a very good example how delegating responsibilities within a political system and ensuring that each entity finds and fends for their own advantages works well and everyone is kept happy with the economy and social fabric booming.

Advice from a Canadian Immigration Consultant

If a prospective candidate is to apply for migration through the Canada Provincial Nomine Program on his or her own, it would be quite a difficult process to understand and master because there are many intricate details to adhere to.

Hence seeking the advice of a Canadian Immigration Consultant to represent you would be the most prudent way take on the issue because then you would have a professional with the experience and expertise to guide you through.

One of the best in the business are Top Notch Immigration Solutions Incorporated who are located at Brampton, Ontario who have helped many like you to find their footing in salubrious and vibrant Canada, through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program.

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