Canada Passport / PR Card (New / Renewal)

A passport is required if you are to travel out of Canada and it should be preferably valid for six months or more as most countries that you would travel into, would require that you meet this requirement for them to stamp a visa on it.

This is because if your passport is not valid and has expired so will be your visa to be legally in that country so both the visa which is your right to be in that country legally and your passport should be valid during the duration you would be there.

Hence when applying for a visa to travel to another country be well aware of these very important criteria and ensure that your Canadian passport has the required validity or you could face unnecessary problems.

Obtaining a new Canadian Passport

If you are applying for a Canadian passport for the first time then the documents that you would need to attach with you application would be as follows.

You need to fill up the form for a new passport and along with it you would need the photographs which has a standard size which every authorized photographer is aware of.

The full name of the Photographer, their address, and telephone numbers should be written on the back of the photograph and also a receipt attached.

You would need to show that you are a citizen of Canada and for that there are many documents and you would need to attach one of them, which could be your birth certificate, permanent resident card, driving license etc.

You would also need an attested guarantee letter from another Canadian citizen confirming your identity with a photograph or he or she could accompany you to the passport office with his citizenship identity.
Passports could be applied online or by post but if you visit the passport issuing office personally you could request for a 24 hours service where you could get your passport within that period.

Renewal of Canadian Passport

To renew your Canadian passport, you should have your earlier passport which you would have obtained when you were 16 years or older.

You should be a Canadian citizen and show proof to that effect and you should also send your old passport along with the application.

If you are travelling in the near future then you would need to apply in person and obtain it by the 24 hours service that is offered.

If you have a valid visa of a country that you wish to travel then you would need to mention so in the application so that the old passport with the valid visa would be returned to you or it would be all cancelled and then returned.

You need to get the appropriate photographs, two of them and have them attested by the photographer, with his name address, the date the photos were taken.

Your application should also have two references who would have known you for more than two years prior to the date of the application.

Depending as to how you would apply the required renewal fees has to be paid up, which could paid by credit or debit card, certified cheque or bank draft.

Obtaining new PR Card

A PR Card is sent to every immigrant when they land in Canada within 180 days of arrival and for that the immigrant would need to inform his or her mailing address.

If a PR Card is lost, stolen, defaced, or would expire or you have not received one even after you have informed your address then you would need to apply for one.

A processing fee of Canadian $50 would be charged to provide a replacement PR Card and would be provided only if there is a valid reason as to what happened to the original one.

Your PR Card would allow you to enter Canada by plane, boat, bus or car and without one you may not be allowed to board hence it is an important document to have with you.

When you take up Canadian citizenship, you would need to surrender your PR Card at the citizenship ceremony because after that you could obtain a Canadian passport for travel to and from the country.

A PR Card is generally valid for five years and would be issued only if you are in Canada and when it expires you would need to renew it.

Renewal of PR Card

To renew your PR Card or have a replacement because it was lost stolen or defaced has a procedure that you would need to adopt and if you fulfill the requirements you would be issued one or if you do not comply the application would be rejected and you will have to apply again.

A guide on how to fill and send with the required documents are given online and it would be prudent on your part to read the instructions carefully before you submit your application.

If you are renewing the PR Card then keep the card and attach a photocopy of the card with the application but if you need one because it is damage or defaced attach such card with your application and send it across.

No fees would be refunded hence it is imperative that you fill the application properly and submit with the required fee.

You would also need to send a very clear copy of your passport which you used prior to coming to Canada along with your application and two photographs to the specifications mentioned in the instruction guidelines.

A solemn declaration as to what happened to your original PR Card if you are applying to replace one due to it being, stolen of lost.

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