Canada Family Class Sponsorship

Living and working in Canada does not mean that you have to shed your ties to the country of your origin and the Canadian government too does not approve of it and have many different Canada Family Class Sponsorships to encourage the reunion of families.

Canada has some of the most easily obtainable and liberal family sponsorship visas compared to any other country anywhere, as it is committed to ensure that families are kept together.

The need to have ties to their countries of origins, culture and familial ties which would create a healthy environment which would also fit in to the new thinking of globalization where more contact across the oceans would be the norm of the future too.

The future generation of Canada, who would mostly be the children of immigrants who have made their home here and have had most of their early upbringing here would be better suited if they knew their relatives back home especially the very near and dear.

Under the Canada Family Class Sponsorship program, spouses, common law partners, conjugal partners, dependent children, parents, grandparents and under certain categories some others are also eligible to come over.

The priority given to such applications are high and are processed faster than any other types of visas showing the utmost concern that the respective visa offices attach to them.

Spouses, common law partners and conjugal partners

Close relatives are encouraged to come and live with those domiciled in Canada and the avenues are many if you would seek them out to bring your spouses, common law partners, conjugal partners and dependent children and some other relatives under certain Provincial Family Class Sponsorships.

If the sponsor could demonstrate that he or she has the means to support those that they intend to sponsor for which they would need to provide the relevant documents then a permanent visa under the Canada Family Class Sponsorship program could be obtained.

The sponsor should either be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and should obtain prior approval from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), along with the sponsored who would be the foreigner.

Canada recognizes same-sex marriages and partners could be sponsored under the same categories subject to all documentation being acceptable to the IRCC.

There are two other types of applications that could be submitted in the three categories of spouses, common law partners and conjugal partners and that are the Outland Sponsorship and the Inland Sponsorship.
The former would be partners who are presently living outside Canada and the latter those living presently in Canada, here too if both individuals could provide bona fide documents a permanent visa would be issued which could be the stepping stone to full Canadian citizenship in the future.

There are certain conditions that both individuals the sponsor and the sponsored would have to meet after they are awarded the permanent resident status.

The sponsor is responsible for the sponsor for a period of three years for all financial and other issues required and the sponsored is barred from sponsoring anyone else for a period of five years after being provided permanent resident status.

Super Visa for families

Within the framework of the Canada Family Class Sponsorship program is another very innovative program
which facilitates easier processing of visits with the Super Visa program.

The Super Visa category is for joining Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their parents, grandparents and some other relatives under the Provincial Family Class Sponsorships.

The sponsoring Canadian citizen or permanent resident would need to submit the necessary documents pertaining to income sources and the ability to support those visiting them.

Likewise the applicants too who would be intending to visit, need to demonstrate that they have ties to their home country and have the necessity to return when they do complete their visits to Canada.

This is a very healthy attitude especially with so many of the second generations of recently arrived immigrants becoming the future of this country, would be provided the opportunity of meeting their closest relatives if not which they could do so only when their parents do find the time to visit to see their close relatives back in their country of origin.

The Canada Family Class Sponsorship visas are provided for a period of 10 years and they could live without access to work for a maximum period of two years after every visit to Canada.

The 10 year Canada Family Class Sponsorship visa would enable them to return many times during the 10 year period and enjoy the company of their children, grandchildren and other close relatives.

The year 2018 brings good news for all those who are hoping to bring their loved ones to Canada, with new regulations coming into force from the 2nd of January 2018.

The Canada Family Class Sponsorship had a cap on a certain quantity of applications annually and after that figure was reached there was a virtual cap on any more applications.

This is going to change in 2018 with the new regulations but in any case the Super Visa avenues are still available to all those who would want to bring down their loved ones which could be used.

Seeking advice from the professionals

Submitting an application under the Canada Family Class Sponsorship program would need a host of documents to be attached and a cauldron of questions to be answered correctly as omitting or submitting information could either reject or delay your application.

Applications need to be submitted with all required documentation for it to be considered and the lack of any documents could either delay or reject yout application.

Hence it would be prudent on your part to ensure that you obtain the services of a qualified and experienced Canada Immigration Consultant to submit your application after obtaining whatever information are required from you.

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