Canada Express Entry

Express Entry can be considered as one of the quickest and straightforward methods available for the people to immigrate to Canada. However, the Express Entry application process is a complex one. People who go through the right application process will be able to win their visa to immigrate and settle down in Canada.
All the people who submit applications for Express Entry will be placed in an application pool. In addition, a mark will be assigned to application based on the facts mentioned in it. When sending invitations for the Express Entry applicants, a cut off mark is selected and all the individuals who have higher marks than the cut off will be selected from the application pool. Those individuals will then be awarded with Canadian Permanent Residency.

Even though this sounds like a simple process, there are various hidden aspects that applicants should be aware of. If you do any mistake due to lack of knowledge about the Express Entry application system, you will not be able to receive the invitation. That’s why it is extremely important for you to seek the assistance of a highly reputed immigration service provider such as Top Notch Immigration Solutions.
People who can apply for Canadian PR under Express Entry application process are divided into three main categories. They include:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers
  2. Canadian Experience Class
  3. Federal Skilled Traders

If you belong to any of those categories, you can simply go forward with your application. But if you don’t, your application will be rejected. In case if you are not sure whether you are eligible to apply for Express Entry under these three categories, you can go ahead and consult us at Top Notch Immigration Solutions. We will analyze your skills and tell whether you are eligible or not.

When you are applying for Canadian PR under Express Entry program, you will need to create your Express Entry Profile. We can guide you throughout the process of creating this Express Entry profile. This is an online profile and you need to be careful when you are uploading information for it. You will have to provide personal information such as your education, fluency in English, fluency in French, work experience and your age.

Even though they seem like obvious information, you are not encouraged to go through the application process on your own. You need to be accurate with the information you enter, so that you can get into the pool of candidates. We can help you with that through our expertise with the Express Entry program.

As mentioned earlier, all the Candidates in the application pool of Express Entry program will be ranked based on the marks that they get for the qualifications. The maximum amount of points that you can get according to this point system is 1,200. However, the cut off mark is somewhere around 450 and it would fluctuate based on the eligibility of applicants from the application pool.

At every invitation round, candidates from application pool with the highest marks will be selected. Then they will be awarded with Canadian PR. The cut off mark is directly determined by the number of applicants who are in the pool. Once a specific candidate is selected, he will be provided with 90 days to submit another online application, which is used to award Permanent Residency. When that application is submitted, an individual will be able to get into Canada within a period of six months. If you don’t have a clear understanding about this procedure, you don’t need to worry about anything because we at Top Notch Immigration Solutions are there to guide you.

The applications that you submit to get into the Express Entry application pool are valid only for a period of 12 months. If you don’t receive an invitation within the 12 months, you will have to re-submit your applications. But before you submit your applications, you can come and contact us. We will analyze and see where you have gone wrong and why you didn’t receive an invitation.

Top Notch Immigration Solutions has plenty of experience with assisting individuals who prefer to get into Canada through Express Entry program. Therefore, all people who contact us and get assistance with Express Entry application process is in safe hands. If you are qualified, we make sure that you get into Canada through the Express Entry program. If not, we will guide you throughout the process of obtaining Canadian PR via Express Entry program.

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